Review of Zen12 Meditation: How to Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes!

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I recently tried a program that claims to be the next generation in meditation.
It's called Zen12.

Zen12 is an audio meditation program that uses special "brainwave" sounds to take the hassle out of meditation.

Listening to one of their Zen12 sessions is easy. There are no rules, no emptying of your mind, no special positions. You just hit play and let the session do the rest of the work for you.

The special sounds will automatically relax your mind and body. And each session lasts just 12 minutes, so it won't be a strain on your schedule.

According to Psychology Today magazine, over 10 million Americans regularly practice meditation.
The benefits include:
~ enhanced brain power
~ massive improvements in health
~ an increase in happiness and energy levels


So why isn't everyone meditating?
If you're anything like me, you probably already know the answer:
Meditation can be tough!

The main problem is that most people just don't have the time.
For best results, traditional meditation requires 45-60 minutes of daily practice.
The results aren't always immediately visible either. They typically build up over time.

But those aren't the only hurdles. Quieting a busy mind and calming a restless body have also been listed as two of the biggest reasons people don't give meditation a chance.

Fear not!  I have an answer!

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I signed up for the Zen12 program after trying the first level for Free.  I went for their full package, consisting of twelve full levels.

You listen to each level for about a month, then move on to the next level. Each level is also available in different "flavors"…

  • Relaxation music – the ultimate in spa chill-out!
  • Guided meditation – let us guide you into a deep state
  • White noise – great at blocking out background distractions
  • Sounds of nature – babbling brooks and exotic locations

Since I was pretty stressed out, I opted for the relaxation music. I put on a headset, hit play, sat back on my comfortable chair and chilled out.

Wow! Twelve minutes later, I felt refreshed. I was calm and relaxed, while also focused. I felt like I was "on form", perhaps even "in the Zone" if I were being cliché.

My day was productive, joyful, and better than usual in so many ways.  Every time I listened to the Zen12 recordings, I felt great.  It was astounding. I was finally discovering why everyone raved about meditation!

Brainwave Sounds Help Me "Cheat" at Meditation

It's all down to our brainwaves.

Normal meditation requires you to access deeper mental states, which can take years of meditative practice to reach. Zen12 uses special 'brainwave' sounds which take you there quicker.PeopleJumping-Happiness

That means you basically get to "cheat" at meditation, and enjoy all of the results, quicker than ever before.

So, by just playing a simple MP3 and chilling out for 12 minutes, I was able to instantly enjoy the immediate benefits of an hour's meditation.  Yes!

Every day I used Zen12, I felt more productive and positive overall.

I felt fresher, happier, more focused, more creative, more energetic than usual. And I'm told that there are dozens of cumulative brain power and health benefits, too.

There was no battling with a busy mind, or constant fidgeting. I just "zenned" out, and listened to the MP3. There was no issue with time either. It just takes 12 minutes, and you don't even have to do it each day.  I definitely could commit to just 12 minutes.

Zen12 has genuinely changed my attitude toward meditation.  It's great for anyone—especially people like me with little time and no attention span.160x600_1

It's at the cutting-edge of a new wave of science that is helping us make our lives easier, while still tapping into the natural resources of the human mind.

BTW….I often play one of the Zen12  MP3's in the background while I'm working at my desk.  Keeps me focused and on target.

Zen12 Rating: 10/10     I highly recommend Zen12!

Pros: Instant meditation results; just 12 minutes; 100% satisfaction guaranteed; actually works!
Cons: None

Click here to check out the Zen12 program.
hey're happy to offer you a free, 12-minute Meditation so you can try out their program!


Big favor!  After experiencing the Zen12 program, please feel free to come back here and post your comments.  
I'm sure other people would love to hear your honest reaction to the program.

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  1. Hi there Diane,

    Meditation is tough for me because I am quite a compulsive person hence my mind never stays focus. In my Yoga class, we always meditate for 5 minutes before starting with the poses and I struggle with it because I kept ‘minding’ the sound around the class instead of focusing on my breathing.

    This Zen 12 is quite interesting. I like the fact that it’s non time consuming and I can bring it to everywhere I want. I have just sign up for the free trial and will see how it goes for my ‘hectic brain’ for the next one week.

    Based on your experience, at what time would you recommend that I play the MP3? How many times do you repeat it in a day?

    Thank you so much for this information.

    1. Hi Cathy: Thanks for writing. I totally get it about being a compulsive person. Personally, I can’t sit for more than 5 minutes and my mind jumps from one thing to the next. That’s why I did so well with Zen12. If I know I only have to be quiet for 12 minutes—I can do that. Quite frankly, I don’t just sit there….I stretch on the floor. I am able to go pretty deep, even while stretching. I work from home, so I generally listen to the Guided Meditations right after feeding my cats and dog. I know it would be ideal to Meditation right when I awaken—but try explaining that to my pets! Once everyone has a full belly, I put on my headset and relax for 12 minutes. It’s wonderful! Sometimes my cats and dog come up to me and rest against me while I’m Meditating. I think they enjoy that I’m being peaceful for a few minutes. (I’m usually going at pretty high speeds). The other Meditations—Relaxation, White Noise & Sounds of Nature—I listen to during the day—generally without earbuds or a headset. I’m just going about my work and listening to the pleasant sounds in the background.

      Cathy—you’ll have to figure out what time works best for you. Try different times during the day/night. Good luck to you and ENJOY!

  2. Hi Diane
    To me your site looks well set out and very informative you seem to have touched on a lot of points and have gone into depth with your information , not having much interest in your topic myself I did find your site easy to navigate well done

    1. Richard—thanks for giving my site a shot—even though it’s not your cup of tea. If you’re game, trying listening to one of the free Meditations some time. Ya know—it can’t hurt! Thanks, again. ~ Diane

  3. Thank you for your honest review of Zen 12 mediatation. I have done mediation in the past but have slacked off recently due to a busy schedule. This product sounds like it would be perfect for me in this condensed format. What is your preferred meditation and why? I am excited to try out the free version of Zen 12 and see how it works for me.

    1. Hi Johnny: I LOVE the Zen12 Meditations. So great for busy people. Please download the freebie and see what you think. It’s really powerful. I do the guided meditation in the morning, then listen to the other formats during the day. Good luck!

  4. Hi Diane, this sounds absolutely magical, I’m in! Who wouldn’t want to get results like that in so little time? Thanks for giving all the pricing details as well as how you felt after you meditated. As soon as I have a few dollars to spare I’ll order. It seems a pity though, if I buy based on your excellent review, that you don’t earn any commission. I noticed there was no affiliate link on the URL you supplied. Also wanted to check, are headphones essential, and if so, which headphones do you recommend?

    1. Hello Lauren! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. My computer died. ;-( But I’m back and running again. I would highly advise getting headphones….as they’re better and more effective than earbuds. These Sony earphones are a #1 top seller on Amazon and have great reviews. Also, they won’t break the bank! $79.99 These headphones are an “Amazon Choice”.
      My personal headphones are made by Shure. They’re on sale now!

      The Zen 12 Meditation has a freebie. Check that out and see what you think. I know you’ll love it and get great benefit from it. BTW…the links I provided are a redirect….so I do earn a little commission on sales. Thanks for mentioning that!

      Good luck.

      ~ Diane

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