Two Fast & Easy Hacks To Overcome Negativity! Bonus: Free 15-Minute Meditation

It's not always easy to eliminate negative thoughts….but indulge me for a few minutes while I help you to discover two life-changing hacks.SmudgeStick

1.  First hack—Smudge with Sage Bundles.
Yes.  Sage Bundles.  When we burn sage, it's called "smudging".
Sage is not expensive and you can find it in lots of health stores, yoga centers and even on Amazon.    

If you grow sage, just cut it, bundle it tightly with thin string and hang upside down in a dark place until it's dry—usually a few weeks.
I recommend that you tie the sage with a thin, organic cotton string.   Keep in mind, the string is going to burn—so avoid string that emits a toxic odor.

There are some great ideas about making smudge sticks on this website:

Sage smudging helps to clear your space of negative and unhealthy energy.
Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space.  Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognized form of it today. 
You can smudge anytime….but be sure to smudge when…

  • You Meditate – before Meditation is best
  • You've been ill
  • You have guests in your house
  • You start a new job or quit a job
  • You move into a new house or apartment
  • You have an argument
  • You have been around negative people
  • You have a major life-change—such as the birth of a baby or a child going to college

I have a fireproof container where I keep my smudge stick.  An abalone shell is perfect, if you have one.   
I found this beautiful shell on Amazon.  It comes with an attractive stand.  

You can come up with any smudging ritual that you like. There is no right or wrong way.
Every individual and every culture has their own way of smudging.

Light your smudge stick with a candle or lighter and allow to burn for about 30 seconds…then blow it out allowing it to smoulder & smoke.

Feel free to smudge yourself and / or your house.
I usually repeat some positive affirmations while smudging to clear any negative energy in myself and my home.
I focus on positive visualizations and well-being of myself and my animals.

I find I need to smudge my office very often because of all the different energies I encounter in my workday.
(Keep in mind, I work from home.  It might not be appropriate to smudge at your office—-or perhaps it will!)

When I smudge my house, I see it as a "spiritual housekeeping".

It's easy to extinquish the smudge stick in sand….or just crush the hot embers in your fireproof container.
You will want to store the smudge stick for later use.

Return the ashes to the Earth after they have cooled, completeing the cycle by providing nutrients to the Earth's soil.

2.  Really Easy Hack…Just Listen to this 15 minute Guided Meditation

The music, composed by Alex Khaskin, is beautiful and I'm sure you'll find this Meditation very powerful.
Put on your headset or earbuds and enjoy releasing your negativity!

Only have 5 minutes?  Perhaps you're new to Meditation? Listen to this short Meditation.  Please give yourself just 5 minutes to make a positive change in your life. 😉

  I'd love to hear your reaction to these easy hacks.  Please feel free to comment below.

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