Treatment for All Types of Addictions—Drugs, Food, Alcohol, Sex, Gambling, Shopping, etc.

I hate to say it…..but most of us are Addicts.   Yup…It’s true!
So many distractions….and so many bad habits & diversions keeping us from having a happy, healthy says Addiction is: "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma."      Not Good!

Get this….    Guess who generates more profit every year than ABC, CBS and NBC networks combined? 
The Internet Porn Industry!  Wow.  What an expensive addition

Some people are desperate for escape. They are so unhappy in their own lives—so they continually attempt mental escapes, food diversions, unhealthy habits, negativity, pain.
But does that work for them?  Ususally not.
Does it work for you? Probably not. ;-(

AddictionsSo how do we break these addictions….fast and easy??

  • What works is deciding what YOU want to live for…and then dedicating yourself to it. 
  • What works is giving yourself just a few minutes of quiet time every day.  That's pretty simple.
  • Brainwave entrainment & reprograming your mind for success…Now!

When you become intentionally aware, you instantly beat all addictions!
Think about that….INTENTIONALLY AWARE.  Yes!

Here's a website  I found that has some remarkable, high tech meditations that are specifically targeted to addictions, health issues, relaxation, 
memory enhancement, allergy relief, prosperity….even jet lag!  

There are lots of Free online samples so you can get an idea of each meditation.  Their recordings are guaranteed & you'll get fast results.  

Even if you don't purchase any recordings, please download & listen to some of the free samples.  You'll get deep benefits right away!

Here are some Testimonials from folks that are using the program.  Their honest Testimonials are what sold me on the program.  You could expect some of these results…
"I've used multiple products from this site and they have all impacted my journey in a positive manner. I recently purchased the Spirit Guide Contact isochronic tone, and on the first listen I had a genuine experience, aside from slipping into relaxation quite easily. I recommend this audio and all other spiritual/metaphysical audios this site offers."

"I have to say these meditations have completely allowed me to step into another state that I have been unable to reach previously. They have allowed my mind to focus and during many sessions I have felt a literal shift in my awareness almost like being jolted from a half sleep state into a more alert state. This has completely revamped my meditations and I would highly suggest to anyone."

"First class, I really like this. I have tried others but this is the best so far"

"I purchased the deep sleep to assist my 8 year old to sleep. She has only used it 2 nights but it worked like a charm:) I hope it continues. Next on my list is to have my husband try."

"I can not stress enough how wonderful these products are and therefore would like to mention the excellent results attainted by using these products. I purchased the Weight Loss Program and the changes I went through were remarkable. I easily adapted a healthy lifestyle and dropped the weight easily and quickly. The mind is very powerful and with the right tools, like these products, we can manifest anything we desire. I thank The Unexplainable Store for sharing such beautiful tools."


Please let me know what you think of the recordings. Just post a comment, below.  Good luck!


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  1. I think you have an amazing start to your post! You added that website, which I checked out but you might want to consider added more details on their products or meditation techniques. If you give little summaries on some of their stuff, it might pull readers in more than having to leave your site and do the research themselves. Awesome start though, keep up the great work!

    1. Hello Brianna! Thanks so much for your comments. Very helpful. I’ve added some more information on the blog. I hope that will make the post more effective. Enjoy the weekend! ~ Diane

  2. Hi Diane! This is great information. Addictions are a serious struggle, and I love that you are pointing people to meditation to help overcome their addictions. I do a lot of meditation on my own, but so many people don’t even know where to start or what to do. It is great that there are programs like these to help in this way. I look forward to reading more of your website!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Candace. I’m so glad you practice Meditation and see the value of it. Please come back often as I plan to post more free Meditations. I find it very beneficial to vary my Meditations and try something new from time-to-time. Namaste’

  3. Hi Diane, how fascinating! I think I may be addicted to technology! I can’t put my smartphone down for more than 10 minutes at a time, unless I’m on my computer! I’ve read disturbing articles about distracted parenting and I think this kind of behaviour could be bad for my son. Do you think this is an addiction that can be cured with brainwave entertainment?

    1. Hello Lauren—-Thanks for your comment! You are so right—staying on your smartphone so much is really bad—not only for your son—but for you, too. You could experience digital eyestrain, neck problems, illness (phones are usually pretty germ-ridden), sleep disorders, relationship problems, etc. I would highly recommend taking an honest look at this addiction and getting some help. Meditation can be so helpful. Sounds like it’s time to quiet your mind and let that phone have some rest.
      I live in an area with lots of young kids. The parents occasionally go outside with them to play or for a walk. The parents are ALWAYS on their phones. I feel so badly for the kids because the phones are more important to the parents than their kids. I hope you’ll reconsider what you’re doing and give your child some quality time. Thank you for being compassionate enough to look at this habit. Namaste’

  4. Hello here. I wonder if this meditation would help me rid from habit to consume pounds of dark chocolate. I know why I eat, but at this time I can not change situation. I instantly feel relaxed after few pieces of tasty chocolate.
    Words, music and vibrations are powerful things. I wonder when do we need listen this meditation? Before sleep or in the morning?
    Did you tried by yourself?
    Thanks for the introduction of brainwave reprogramming, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes. I have listened to this Meditation many times. You say, “I can not change situation”. It certainly sounds like you’re programming yourself to have no control over your situation. Keep listening to the Meditation—any time of the day or night—and I think you’ll find your addiction will not be so strong. Be careful not to say you can’t change your situation. What you say influences your habits. Instead, say “I have full control over my eating habits. I eat a healthy diet and do not harm myself with overeating.” Best of luck and thank you for your comments!

  5. Very interesting article, addiction is a serious thing and theres so many addictions. I had a food addiction would eat when I wasn’t hungry or just overeat.
    I got bad indigestion when I ate certain foods even though I knew they were triggers I’d still eat them. Not so long ago I stopped eating them and very rarely get indigestion anymore. Im taking the road of healthy eating at the moment and will start meditating aswell, thanks for sharing your post.

    1. I hope you will continue to eat in a healthy manner and feel well.  Meditation is such a great way to overcome addictions and unwanted behaviors.  Please try to set aside time every day to Meditate and be healthy.  Thanks for your comments!

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