Release Anger & Negativity

Anger and Negativity Hurts Yourself!      

I know.  You think it hurts the other person.
Although Anger can hurt the person you're angry with, it actually hurts YOU more.

Guess what??  You can't control what other people do… there's no point in being angry at them.

Anger is horribly toxic to your body and your mind.
So let's use some easy tools to cleanse yourself of these Angry thoughts.

Suggestions for joyfully eliminating Anger & Negativity 

  • Any Physical exercise – Burn off your anger
  • Creative activities like dancing, painting, playing the piano, gardening
  • Meditation

Yes.  You can choose to be happy.  You can choose to let your Anger go away.  It's up to you.  Just choose Happiness and Peace in your life.  Don't hold on to Anger and Negativity.  Simple!

Put on your headset or earbuds, give yourself 19 minutes, and enjoy this Guided Meditation.  You'll see your Negative feelings melt away.

Thank you to "TheHonestGuys" for this great Meditation.


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