Easily Program Your Subconscious Mind For Wealth!

With the help of binaural beats and spoken affirmations, you really can program your mind for wealth and success!idea-1855599_640

Most of us are looking for an easy way to be wealthy and successful.  
Well—search no more!  The following recording will wisk you away to "abundance land" where you'll be open to making money and being wealthy in an easy, enjoyable way.

I know—it sounds too good to be true!  Actually, the only block you have to being completely abundant—is your own mind.  You are what you think.  If you think you're poor—you are poor.  Think yourself as being rich—and you will be rich!  Your positive attitude will attract abundance to you.

The following Meditation is 3 hours.  Don't freak out.  I know that's a long time.  But put on your headset or earbuds and listen to 10 to 15 minutes (or more) of the Meditation, then take off your earbuds and listen to the rest of the Meditation while you work, relax, exercise, watch TV or read.  You'll still get the benefits of this powerful Meditation as long as you play it in the background.  Easy!  

The Meditation is actually 3, one hour Meditations.
1)  Positive Affirmations and Music
2)  Affirmations and Nature Sounds
3)  Positive Affirmations with Binaural Beatsbuddha-562030_640

The following recording has Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats to help jump start your progress.
So….what's that?

Isochronic Tones:  At its simplest level, an isochronic tone is just a tone that is being turned on and off rapidly. 
Isochronic Tones are a very effective, audio-based method of stimulating the brain.  Using Isochronic Tones, research shows the evidence of beneficial outcomes—such as anxiety reduction and focused concentration

Binaural Beats:  Endorsed by hundreds of scientists and doctors around the world.  
Introducing a precise harmonically layered blend of frequencies to your subconscious via audio technology, you can effortlesly achieve powerful states of increased concentration, deep relaxation and more!

So, give yourself this powerful gift and listen to this life-changing Meditation!


(The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you )

Kindly leave any feedback or comments, below.


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  1. Hi Diane,

    Wow, this is awesome. Many times I use affirmation while in the shower because it’s the only time I have alone. This is great to play while working or if I happen to be doing other things in my office.

    The focus of gaining success is to meditate and as you mentioned use affirmation to achieve this.

    I love the soft sound of the music. I played it for awhile and just made me feel very relaxed!

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    1. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy and gain benefit from this Meditation! Please bookmark the page and come back to the Meditation often. Thanks so much!

  2. I really love these kinds of posts, especially when it comes to training the mind for greater wealth and prosperity and abundance in general.

    I’m always hearing and reading that meditation is one of the best ways to kick LOA into high gear, but for some reason I’ve always shied away from it. I really must get more focused on this vital aspect to success.

    1. Hi Darren—Thanks for posting. I didn’t start Meditating until I was in my 50’s. I always thought I’d have to sit still for an hour and just try to still my mind. With the Meditations I post, sitting still and quieting our minds is not always necessary. In fact, I’m listening to a subliminal Meditation right now in the background as I write to you. I know my life would have been much better if I Meditated earlier in life. Darren….start by playing Meditations while you’re at your desk doing something. If you have the time and the desire, put on a headset and give yourself some time to relax and let the Meditation work for you. Namaste’!

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