Got OCD, Depression, Over-thinking? Get Relief! Check Out This Helpful Meditation!

Over-thinking doesn't work for us.  It creates habits and behaviors that harm us and those around us.  
Over-thinking causes us to be stressed, depressed and anxious.
Life doesn't have to be like this!


Mind Chatter, excessive thinking, constantly analyzing and replaying unpleasant life events over and over again can keep you from having the peaceful life you deserve.  

Your solution!

The following Meditation will help you to heal your negative and unwanted behaviors.      
It's a pleasant process that is relaxing and will create a more positive life.


I recommend you listen to this Meditation often for best results.
The entire Meditation is 42 minutes.  Yes!  That's a long time.  
Don't expect to finish the entire Meditation.  Just listen as long as you wish.
Even 5 minutes will be helpful.  Seriously!

Try listening before going to bed.  Put on your earphones or earbuds and relax.  
Get comfortable and allow yourself to fall asleep.
Even though you're sleeping, the positive messages will help to stop your negative patterns of rumination. (over-thinking)




Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions, below.  THX!

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