Lose Weight in a Healthy, Easy Way Through Hypnosis – Free Meditation!

A fantastic way to relax and reprogram yourself to lose weight!      


Michael Sealey will guide you through this peaceful Meditation that will allow you to enjoy positive suggestions for a healthier life.  Your deep subconscious mind is addressed so you can easily lose weight.

This Meditation will allow you to embrace all of the positive, healthy energies that your own healthy body it longs for.  You will focus on becoming more fit, relaxed, worry-free and happy.  Binge eating, over-eating and unhealthy choices will go away.  Positive changes will be observed quickly as you listen to this recording often.

You'll find personal freedom as you are able to control your mind.
You'll discover that you have the power to control your eating habits.
Positive goals will steer your life, rather than your old, unhealthy habits.
The less you eat—the happier you feel….the more energy you have….the more slim you are!

Healthy and sensible eating will become normal for you.    
You will become exactly who you want to be!  


Please do not Meditate while driving or operating machinery. 
This Meditation is best listened to with headphones or earbuds when you have :46 minutes to be alone and undisturbed.
That sounds like a long time—but you're worth it.
Feel free to listen before going to sleep.  
Just drift off at the end and sleep peacefully.
Become healthier and happier now!



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