How to Always Feel Great! Freebie Alert!

Try something life-changing & new…

Next time someone asks "How are you doing?"….respond with
“I’m great”, "I’m fantastic”, “Wonderful”.
Even if you’re not feeling great, fantastic, super or wonderful—you’ll instantly feel better when you say you’re great. And the person you’re responding to will probably be shocked…..and feel great, too.IFeelGreat It's amazing how this works.

Folks are always surprised when I tell them "I'm Fantastic!"

How do most people respond to you when you ask them how they are?
Feel free to answer in the comments below.
I would bet that most of the time, people answer your inquiry by saying, "I'm OK".  "Not bad".  "Fine". "Don't ask".   Or they even go into a dissertation about their latest ailments, aches & pains….family & financial problems.
No one really wants to hear that, right?  Sorry you asked them, eh?

So change your life; change your world.
Say you’re fantastic and spread the good feelings!


Here are 3 Free meditations to help you feel GREAT & ABUNDANT!
Just click here, download the MP3's and listen.  

PeopleJumping-HappinessPlease enjoy my gift to you.



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  1. I agree with the sentiment, of stating how we want to feel rather than how we might actually feel. I do sometimes get caught in feeling disingenuous or untruthful though.

    My wife shared something similar. In her phone contacts she put little smiley faces next to people so when they texted they were immediately identifiable. She said just the other night, how it made her a little happier even when it was a person that could cause her anxiety to see the little smiley face next to their name.

    1. Hi Vic!

      I believe we’re put on this earth to feel good—so whatever that takes—I’m going to feel good. Interesting about your wife and the smiley faces. I might steal that idea from her!

  2. I HATE when people just reply “I’m good, how about you?” I hear it all the time. People respond that way without even thinking. It is rather funny to try to answer differently and see someone’s reaction. Good post to read to keep these things in my mind

  3. This is a GREAT positive post, it’s very true too!

    Just don’t forget to smile =]

    A daily goal of mine is to make at least 3 people in my day smile and feel better, definitely makes me feel better about my day!

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