Three Easy Ways To Overcome Depression Without Drugs! Bonus: Free Meditation

So many Depressed people!DepressedWoman
At least 17.5 Million Americans are Depressed.  Yikes!
Ignoring Depression won't help.  And in fact—it could make it worse.

So many drugs for Depression—So many people on drugs!drugs

Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, Luvox, Oleptro, Pristiq, Cymbalta,
Effexor XR, TCAs, Dopamine Reuptake Blocker, 5-HT2 Receptor Antagonists, MAOIs, etc. etc.
The list goes on and on!
Do they work?   Sometimes.
Who makes tons of money with these drugs?  The drug companies.

I am not a Doctor.  Please seek professional help if your condition is life-threatening!

So if you choose to go drug-free—what are you to do??

One of the best ways to overcome depression is by doing something good for someone else.
Sitting around, thinking only of yourself and all your problems can lead to depression and anxiety.
So do a favor for a neighbor, read to a blind person, visit an older person who rarely gets visitors, volunteer at a pet or family shelter, do some gardening, volunteer as a tour guide at a museum, teach someone how to read—so many ways to help others!  When you're busy helping someone, you won't have time to think about being depressed.  😉


Boost your endorphins by exercising. 

Exercise is good for you in so many ways.
Don't think about it—just do it!  It doesn't have to be 1 hour at the gym.  But how about 10 minutes of stretching?  That's doable, right?
Walk a dog.  Don't have a dog?  Borrow one.  Walking a dog is a real mood booster—for you and the dog.


Meditate every day because routine is so important to overcoming depression.

I know….when you're depressed, it's difficult to have any routine.
Yes…it's difficult—but it's not impossible!
Start your day by quieting yourself, put on stereo headphones or earbuds and listen to a grounding meditation.
Personally, I meditate better when I listen to a Guided Meditation—someone is talking and guiding me through the process.
My mind tends to wander if I don't hear instructions.
Do whatever works for you.  There is no right or wrong.


Here's a very powerful Meditation that I think you'll really enjoy.
It will help you to dissolve your worries, relax and accept yourself for who you are.
Please allow yourself to stop for a few minutes and benefit from this healing Meditation.

Please let me know if this Meditation was helpful for you.  Post your comments below.  Thank you!


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  1. Really interesting read! I have had mild depression myself and while drugs can help you overcome your problems, they are only a short term solution.
    I found your section on sports and exercise extremely important. Since I am doing sports reguarly I feel way better and even right after your exercise you feel super hyped and 10x happier!

    1. Thanks for your personal comments. I hope other people with depression will read your post and give exercise a shot. So happy that works for you. Yes. Drugs are only a short term solution—just a band-aid. Good luck to you and keep exercising!

  2. I have also had to deal with depression from time to time and I have found that meditation and exercising helps a lot. I just feel better afterwards. The thing that helps me the most though is by keeping a gratitude journal. It helps to remind me that I am loved that that I have many blessings.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Wendy. A gratitude journal is a terrific idea! Thanks for the suggestion.
      I hope you’ll return to my blog from time-to-time to experience the helpful Meditations.

  3. I have suffered from severe depression during my teenage years. I have tried different meds, seen different shrinks, and was even hospitalized a couple of times. However, none of them really solved any problems. What really made me overcome my severe depression is sort of accidental. I knew I had nothing to lose after I had suffered from severe depression for years and nothing that I tried clinical, religious, or methods have helped. So I just packed all my stuff and decided to get away from everything and live in the other side of the globe. As soon as I landed on the other side of the globe, my severe depression was gone. That’s when I knew what the source of my severe depression was. It was my family and the childhood trauma I suffered because of it.

    Everyone has a different degree of depressions and there is no universal solution to all types of depression.
    Nowadays, I do not have any severe depression but occasionally I’d feel some depression here and there and sometimes worse sometimes not so much but I think that’s just a part of life to have ups and downs of emotions.

    What has helped me to keep my perspective and mood positive had been positive mind training I have been doing. Writing down what I’m grateful for everyday. Giving myself a lot of compliments for what I have done well. And positive visualization. And I’ve been thinking about adding a brief period of daily mediation as well as you have mentioned in your article.

    Whether you have depression or not, I think it’s important to practice all these different ways of keep your perspective and mood positive throughout your journey.

    1. Thank you so very much for your sincere comments. I’m so glad you have discovered how to overcome depression. Family can be a blessing or a curse—that’s for sure! I, too, had to distance myself from my family. I’m so glad I did. Please take advantage of the free Meditations that I’ve posted on my site. I wish you the best. You rock!

  4. I like you suggestion about helping someone to fight depression. It doesn’t seem like it would help you but if you try, it actually does. That’s because the one you help sometimes even in the worse situation than you, making the situation you are in fade. Usually the situation you are in is a cause of your depression, sometimes it is not, at any rate, at the end you feel better anyways.

    1. Hi Margarita—You’re so right. It doesn’t seem logical that helping someone would help your own depression—but it really does! I guess part of the cause is that it takes your mind off your own problems. It’s so much better to focus on something other than your own drama. Thanks for your comments!

  5. It is good to see that a person can overcome depression by doing simole things. Many people around the world are suffering with this and the sad part is taking medication do have said effect and in some cases can make things worst. But doing simple things like your suggest is so powerful and the good part is that you don’t have to worry about side effects. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Norman: Thanks for your comment. Yes. A person can do simple things to heal. The sad part is that our “system” wants to prescribe drugs and lengthy therapy to cure just about anything. I hate to think of all the people that have committed suicide that tried medication and therapy—and it didn’t work. I’m not a doctor…but I think almost everyone with depression should try Meditation to see if that will help. If it doesn’t help—no harm; no foul!

  6. Depression seems to be on the increase, especially with our youngsters. A young close relative of mine suffered with depression all through her university days. She was so overwhelmed with the studying and producing a portfolio that it got to her and made her quite ill.
    She was prescribed a couple of drugs but she refused to take them and she did come through it all in the end.
    Your tips and recommendations on how to cope with these times are very useful. Can I put my two pennyworth in by adding a natural remedy, the vital mineral magnesium which will calm the mind and soothe the tight and tense body. Ches

    1. Hello Ches! Thanks for your comments. Very sorry to hear about your relative that suffered with depression. Your suggestion about magnesium is great. It couldn’t hurt and could certainly help! Magnesium is not expensive and it’s easy to find online and in stores. I love going the natural route, rather than always resorting to drugs. Thanks, again.

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