Free! Weight Loss Meditation MP3 – Instant Access!

Yes.  It's hard to believe….but you can actually lose weight by listening to an MP3!

Let's get started right away….. While you're reading this post….go to this MP3 right now.  It's a free gift to get you on the road to a more healthy you!  Listen to it every day and watch the pounds melt away.

Click here for your free subliminal MP3


Play the MP3 right now and read on…..

You can listen to this MP3 whenever you're working at your computer (I'm listening to it right now), jogging, walking, relaxing—or before you go to sleep.

Your unconscious mind will be gently programmed to lose weight.  Positive affirmations will be suggested to you—in an easy, safe and effortless way.
Change will come easily to you as you hear this recording over and over again—
re-framing your negative inner talk into positive self-love.

Honestly—your new, loving self won't happen overnight.  Just keep listening to this recording regularly and you'll see positive changes happening in your life.

Bad habits will transform to good habits as you hear nothing but life-affirming affirmations.   loveyourself



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  1. Hi,

    I didn’t know that listening to an mp3 could actually initiate weight loss. As a matter of fact when I got to your post I was already curious to read more in order to understand losing weight by listening to mp3.

    However, I know that there is a connection between psychology and weight loss and this could be achieving weight loss through conditioning your mind in a positive way. I will download the mp3 and check it out.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Hello Nnamdi: Your weight is mostly about the messages you say to yourself.
      If you only say, “I’m so fat”….that is what you’ll get.
      This Weight-Loss Meditation will also help with other aspects of your life.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on the post!

  2. Hi Diane, Sounds good to me! Nothing is more boring to me than the gym, so if I can lose some weight with the right subliminal messages, I’m happy to give it a whirl. I will be playing it often.

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