Easy Way to Releasing Negative Thoughts

Wow!  Just put on your earbuds or headset…or just turn up your speakers and listen to this recording!
Very powerful and effective.

When I first listened to this Meditation, I sat with my headset, closed my eyes and enjoyed the music for the 1st :15 minutes. Then I started my work at my desk and continued to play the recording.  This totally is working for me.  I'm still listening and getting so much done!

Jason Stephenson is an inspiration guru from Australia.  He has created many helpful Meditations and songs that inspire thousands of people across the world.

Jason's music is always beautiful and easy to listen to.  His voice is pleasant and soothing.


If you find you're very "visual", you'll find the following affirmations in this recording:

  • Right now, I choose to be at peace with myself
  • I release all thoughts that no longer serve me well.
  • I create my own happiness in my life
  • I allow my thoughts to drift to a positive and peaceful place
  • I'm making every effort to forgive myself and others
  • I am always in harmony with the universe
  • With each breath, I relax my muscles in my body and release tension
  • I am filled with the love of the universal power within
  • Today, I choose to release all barriers that are holding me back
  • My mind is now free
  • I release any worries of unimportant things
  • With every breath I take, I allow my mind to relax deeply
  • I choose to react in a positive way in all situations
  • The things I don't like, I either accept them, or can change them
  • I am what I think, so I choose to think positive thoughts
  • On each breath out, I release old negative thought patterns
  • I leave negativity behind
  • Things are going alright for me today
  • Tomorrow is going to be even better
  • I create my own space for satisfaction
  • I choose to make happiness my number 1 goal in life
  • Each day I awaken with an attitude of gratitude
  • I let go of all tension that is within me, 
  • I am open to a deep calmness inside me
  • Right now, I relax my shoulders                                                           

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