Do You or Your Dog Stress Out From Thunder, Shooting, Loud Noises, Firecrackers? Or Perhaps You Have PTSD? Play this Music To Reduce Anxiety

It's hard to believe…but this beautiful Meditation music can calm your pet…& you!

Living in Northern Virginia, we experience lots of thunderstorms, gun shots and fireworks.  Nearby, we have Quantico, a Marine Base with demolition and live fire training.  My dog shakes and cries when she hears fireworks or gunshots.  I've tried medication, herbs, Thundershirts, holding her, ignoring her, playing loud music, exercise—you name it.  Nothing has worked…….until now!

I stumbled upon a cure for her stress—Brainwave Audio Recording Music.
That's right.  I brought the dog into my office and turned on this music.  
After listening to it for only a few minutes, my dog relaxed and fell asleep!

Here's what they say about this amazing recording: 

Enjoy a calming and cathartic boost – with Healing Relaxation, the profound brainwave audio recording from Brain Hacker! Healing Relaxation uses special audio sounds to influence your brainwave patterns, helping you to switch off and let your body heal itself during a forty minute session.This audio employs brainwave entrainment technology to sync your brainwaves up to particular frequencies. 
How to use: Just hit play and listen, anytime, anywhere, to begin to enjoy its intense healing properties.
It's completely safe, non-invasive, and non-addictive. It won't damage any of your brain cells either.

soldier-919202_640Now…I know it doesn't say anything about calming and relaxing dogs — but it worked on my dog!  

Got PTSD?  Try this music!

Amazon has a free trial, so check it out.   
Here's the link:    Healing Relaxation Session: Relax and Repair, with Brainwave Audio

Feel free to post your comments, below.  
Good luck to you and your pets!

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  1. This is a great idea! I have never heard of music calming a dog during thunderstorms, but I ‘m willing to try anything. I do have one of the thunder jackets which improves her anxiety quite a bit, but I still feel so bad for her. Does the music need to play really loud as in over the scary noise or quiet and relaxing? Thanks for your input!

    1. Hi Shelby: I play the music kind of loud when the storms are loud. I’ve shared this music with a lot of friends who have fearful pets. So glad the Thunder Jacket helps your dog. Didn’t do a thing for mine. ;-( Thank you for caring about your dog. I’m such an advocate for animals and I love to meet other people that care. Let me know how it goes, OK?

  2. Hi,
    I haven’t experienced this with my dogs. I think they know they’re safe inside so they’re calm. I find it calming when working at home to turn on meditating music from Pandora. It’s free and have a variety of music.

    I have known little dogs to be more stressed out. But bigger dogs, I havent noticed. I guess every dog is different.


    1. Hi Sofia! I’m so glad you don’t have this problem with your dogs. It’s hard to watch them suffer from things that, quite frankly, won’t hurt them. My dog is a Terrier Mix (30 pounds) and she’s pretty hyper anyway. My friend’s dog is an English Pointer (big dog) and he shakes and is totally stressed out during storms. The Meditation music really worked for him when he was visiting. I’ve got Pandora, too. I’ll check out their Meditating music. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I will absolutely have to try this. For one, I’m a big fan of meditation music. It helps me relax and let my mind just wander freely. For my dog, I need to find something to help her out! Even just the snow falling off our roof freaks her out. She becomes very stressed and it’s horrible to watch. I haven’t thought of meditation music, so I will give it a try. thanks!!

    1. Let me know how the music helps your dog. You might also want to try some Rescue Remedy Pet by Bach. I find that really works for stressed animals. Good luck!

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