You Can Attract Your Soulmate! Meditate With Isochronic Tones To Easily Receive The Love You Want

YES!  You can attract your soulmate!

When you are complaining about the lack of love you are experiencing or feeling jealous of others that have a happy and harmonic relationship, you are emphasizing the absence of love in your life…and attracting more of it!  You know how it goes—what you think about—you attract.  

The subliminal affirmations in this recording will help you release the subconscious blockages you carry about love and relationships, and will implant empowering new beliefs of love and harmony.

Here are the subliminal messages that you'll hear in this recording:

  • My heart is open to receive love
  • I deserve to give love and feel loved
  • I am ready for the perfect spouse for me to enter into my life
  • My heart is willing to accept the love of my life
  • Love, Honesty and trust are my core values and I attract a partner who radiates the same
  • I am tapping into a vibrational energy of love every day that goes by
  • I know that in order to attract my life partner I need to radiate love                
  • I am tuned into an infinite love frequency
  • The universe is sending me my perfect match
  • I am willing to forgive my exes and learn from my past mistakes
  • I am willing to manage my relationship out of a place of understanding 
  • Everything is do is in the vibration of love
  • I love myself; I feel love in my life right now
  • It is easy for me to express love and receive love

This music is best listened to with headphones or earbuds.  
The isochronic tones will help you to quickly reprogram yourself for love and acceptance.
Isochronic tones are like "high tech meditation" where audio and visual patterns are used to guide your mind to the relaxed, focused state experienced during meditation.

The recording is :30 minutes.  Listen to all or part of it.  
It's alright to play the music in the background while you go about your work at the computer, phone or tablet.  
I'm actually writing this blog while listening to this music.  😉
Just don't drive while listening!

May your heart heal!



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